Every generation

Nothing new here

Long remembered tales

Of the struggles

Our parents and grandparents


The Great Depression


None of the ‘ Nice things’

Can we have an ‘Amen’ for

‘You kids don’t know how nice you have it’

Well how are generations going to compare

Apples and oranges

Challenges and rewards

So now there are

More of the same

Like to say sex was delayed till marriage then but not now

Relative term

Teens are still preoccupied with it


Probably more difficult now

Sorting through all the options

Information now possibly too much

How about the complete and full story

Rather than an attention grabber

New gadgets, always something new

Electricity and TV were once ‘must haves’

Sometimes an older generation

Might forget

A value added moment like

The dinner table, a family outing

A favorite movie or TV show

Or that tender caring for a child

Is always cherished

Discussing problems while being held

Yes, yes

Much of core beliefs have been witnessed

Within us

The values and memories

That have shaped us and that we value

To endure within the ones we love

Nice that

Good character is ageless




Like a dream

From a shadow

You were standing there

Behind the counter

Where I have seen you so many times before

We always exchanged small talk

About kids and dogs

Then you weren’t there

Trying to recover your health

Others would update me

Prognosis was not good

Time went by six months then

This morning

Stopped in the bakery for one roll

Looking to the counter like an apparition then there

Your long white buttoned winter coat

Began a tale

Held your hands rubbing

You told me of your journey

Yet with no tears

Still beautiful

Came from behind the counter

Arms outstretched

You asked to hug me

I didn’t want to let go

Don’t know when I will ever see you again



Blowing in the wind

The perfect touring bike

Low slung beautiful panniers

Forest green 21 speeds

Just meant for me

Surfing eBay for no good reason

Not eBay’s fault or for that matter Amazon

That temptation courses through my veins

Why would I need another bike

Where am I going to ride a 21 speed bike to

That can’t be accomplished with a yard sale bike

Oh but you don’t know this bike has my name on it

I’m getting in shape and this would help me accomplish all my goals

Like a Greek siren irresistible i feel myself swallow

With indecision, I know, I know

Where is this is going

Internal craziness

Springs forth

As ‘whatever’ blows by

Cigarette smoke,


Guacamole, well okay any food

A seductive smile

Is there nothing sacred that I touch

To treasure without tiring of,

Like on a trampoline

Bouncing from one addiction to another

Most of my time

Putting out fires

My only blessing and one constant




Spin class

First caught a glimpse of a spin class

On TV of course some show for just a minute

Usually just very fit people

Had to stop by the fitness club yesterday

Wanted to use the recumbent cycle

Thirty or forty minutes

Before I started my ‘workout’

I glanced in on the ‘spin class’

When from behind I heard

‘Hey, I thought you just walked around the neighborhood

I turned to see, of course, a young woman

Who I actually recognized but of course I did not remember her name

I replied, ‘True, true just thought I use the recumbent bike for a bit’

She responded, ‘ I really like to spin, you know the spin class’

Her efforts were obvious

Hair, water matting the ends

Sweat on her forehead which she wiped with her white towel

Flushed cheeks from exertion

Streamlined thighs

Feebly I explained the recumbent bike allowed me to go at my own pace

She said, ‘I need someone to make me try harder’

It was time for me to retire to my controlled exercise

Clearly there was a gap here in what we were both trying to achieve

Definitely I was trying to make it to dinner

While she understood she was going to help make dinner

Do the kids homework, etc. and come back tomorrow

To the spin class



You can never go home

Had a good friend once maybe too good

Relationships would be discussed

One subject was ‘where do we go from here’?

That concept was a minefield of possibilities

Go forward, backward or tread water

What had already been said or done

That brought us to this point

How had it changed us


What would we do now


Seriously now everyday?

Our relationship had now impinged

On every other one we shared

Looking in your eyes now

Who do I see

Behind those eyes

People peering through

People I should still be seeing

Too late to extract oneself

From us

Too late to go back?

Not really our choice

For all has been forever changed



Playing against house money

So an allowance might have been nice

Possibly would have learned

The correlation between labor and wages

Or at least ‘if we do this we get that’

Much easier now

To reflect on how a life

Might have evolved differently

If we had raised ourselves

To produce a more desirable outcome

An outcome with a more love able person

Thus the behavior self portrait continues

Have a good close friend who is an artist

Am able to watch as

Hues and tones added

To soften the image

Bright or dark colors seem to blend

With his vision

Now our own self portrait continues

Proper money management lessons

Might have produced a savings account

Lights and darks to indicate

Profit and loss

Curves and lines

Defining borders of financial success

No sagging facial crevices

To blur the now beautiful image

Of a life well regulated

There does come a time

When blaming nature and nurture must cease

But what is our template?

When is our self portrait complete

Is it ever?

Why is money even a fit subject for self image?

It is like another ink blot

Describing us

Another drawer of our life

Which when opened

Reveals reams of dreams

Money when inherited or earned

Puts a brush in our hand

For us to create a visual

An ever evolving image of

Our own house money

And where has it all gone and why




Mm mm mm

Just completed

The twenty five budget review

Every twenty five years

Whether needed or not

Various templates are perused

For one that possesses Ai

That intuitively knows

What is being done with “our books”

Don’t know if they can be considered books

If left unread

Have learned quite clearly that spreadsheets

Are clearly meant for math majors

Or someone with a schematic mind

Thus ‘a document’ must suffice

That I might clearly add income and bills

Then simply add and subtract and

A proposed budget emerges

Actually available money for necessities like food

Now you talk about a hot date

Try discussing this with your significant other

Over coffee, maybe

But it definitely is not appropriate table talk at dinner

Many things can be brought into the light of day

If sunglasses are an accessory

For the harsh realities of a budget

And yet there is closeness in sharing

Even if you don’t want to

Far better to glance at the paperwork now

Prior to Balancing the Checkbook



As the day begins

Still dark sitting outside

Rocking gently

T shirt weather

Pajama bottoms

Oh my gosh

Does the adrenalin flow

Aided by caffeine

Before the sun

States it’s case for

Beginning the day

Understanding perfectly

This moment

Is only a moment

To inhale the intoxicating morning air

Time to be smothered

In the confidence

Of a new day

Before the routine

And to do lists

Rob the morning of its joy

No Galway Bay nor beach

Can replace

This morning moment

Embued with peace and hope



Why write?

Well too busy

Nothing original to say

No clear vision of what should be

Too young

Too old


There are a bundle of ideas

Between a birth announcement

And an obituary

Thought obituaries were obligatory

A legal necessity to prove your demise

Well actually not

Just a method to procure ad money and

Maybe get a snippet summary of your life story

As if they covered obituary writing in school

No actually you educate yourself by reading the paper

Don’t get the paper

Online you can

Don’t care enough?

Fine leave it to a professional or even more precarious

A family member who might have a motive, or agenda

Or might even be saving the best for last, theirs

So theoretically quite a span to reflect

Birthdate and RIP date

Any interesting observations as you have progressed chronologically

Care to share

Now would be the time

Before the flame is snuffed out

Suffice it to say

Only your voice qualifies as an original

Others’ reflections of you are just that


Consider this an invitation

To give to us what only you can




Really only 2 seasons

Much is made of the change of seasons

Punxsutawney Phil

Would have you believe

On Groundhog Day

He is able to predict an

Early or late spring

The Farmer’s Almanac

Is a veritable bible

Of weather forecasting

But those sources really fall short

When compared

To the bathing suit hanging in my shower

What? What is that about?

So for many years the inside scoop or information

On weather forecasting

Was lost on me

Too busy rambling through life

To even notice or care about the seasons

I did know Memorial Day marked the opening of the pool

That Labor Day usually marked the end of the really hot days

But really what method was available

To officially announce the arrival of summer and

The end of summer

The answer only filtered through to my brain

When I lost my bathroom privileges in the master bedroom

At some point

When we ended up having a two bath house

The master bathroom became a hallowed tabernacle

Now known as the lady of the house’s TOILETTE

Obviously a little used word old school word

To indicate that the once multi used bathroom

Had now become the principal bathroom for the lady of the house

Guess I was lucky to have a full bath as opposed to a half-bath

Nonetheless I felt secure that my new bath was just mine

Well just mine unless, we had visitors or grandchildren

In which case before anyone came over I had to clean the bath

It was during one of these episodes I first noticed

An item from the TOILETTE

Was now hanging on my curtain rod

A bathing suit and a wet towel

Hmm! Could it be the pool was open

Or was the indoor pool being used to prepare

For Memorial Day

So the tanning lotion on the grocery list

Did have a purpose

Not exactly sure

Why no request was made to share my facilities

Presumptions after fifty years

I suppose are to be expected

And the chlorine

Certainly left a seasonal scent

To my otherwise musty environment

But no complaints actually

Now had irrefutable evidence

The warm season was here

No more snow or ice

And when the suit no longer hung

The cooler season was soon arriving

Like having my own weather channel