Blowing in the wind

The perfect touring bike

Low slung beautiful panniers

Forest green 21 speeds

Just meant for me

Surfing eBay for no good reason

Not eBay’s fault or for that matter Amazon

That temptation courses through my veins

Why would I need another bike

Where am I going to ride a 21 speed bike to

That can’t be accomplished with a yard sale bike

Oh but you don’t know this bike has my name on it

I’m getting in shape and this would help me accomplish all my goals

Like a Greek siren irresistible i feel myself swallow

With indecision, I know, I know

Where is this is going

Internal craziness

Springs forth

As ‘whatever’ blows by

Cigarette smoke,


Guacamole, well okay any food

A seductive smile

Is there nothing sacred that I touch

To treasure without tiring of,

Like on a trampoline

Bouncing from one addiction to another

Most of my time

Putting out fires

My only blessing and one constant




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