Just this moment

Slowly the feeling
Of unforgettable
Was in the air
As we sat
The parents with children
Walking by
With bicycles
Fancy or not
The warm evening breeze
Washing over us
As the ocean shimmered
Couples sensing Romance
Strolling playfully by
Hmm we finally recognized
This was a moment
An unforgettable moment
Not to be repeated
Unable to be repeated
As we sought each others eyes
We knew, we knew
This was a moment
Our moment
Just ours
Describing it to others
Would not really work
Where would we be next year
Don’t know
How did we get here?
Can’t know
Praying and hoping
To save this moment
Because we know
This is our moment
And I love you.

FXC 9/23/16

Smart or Not

Not so old that
Memories of back yard playgrounds
Or manual typewriters
Have faded
Even I remember
Saturdays in the library
Wide eyed about ‘Life’ magazine
And even when the TV was turned on
‘Bonanza’ was as rough as it got
We all have kind of jumped on
A different band wagon now though
Book learning seems to be what Google is for
Sports seems to be about who is the best
And not who is having fun
Are my best friends only on ‘Facebook’
Can’t I still send a birthday card?
But one thing that hasn’t changed
And won’t change.
Everything still has an ‘Off’ button.

FXC 9/17/16


Don’t know when
The doubts crept in
Was there a Santa Claus?
A God?
Little did I know
That questions
Would swirl
In my head
Forever, now.
No confusion though
With the religiously
Either you followed
What they believed or
You went to hell
Or were beheaded
What a God that would be.
Seriously though
Peace, love and good works
Seem to be what is best
About mankind
So for now I’m okay being

FXC 9/5/16