1st born

KaKa Katie

Actually I owe you a lot eldest child

Your impending arrival spurred a matrimonial event

Though there were those who labeled you challenged

They hardly knew that was not an impediment to you

Finishing school, riding a bus, living on your own

Same job for over thirty years

Home on week ends

Raking leaves, vacuuming, eating meals

Cell phone, FaceTime, Zoom

Sharing your life with us

You have always been there for us, siblings, nieces and nephews

You have had boyfriends but none I needed to have a talk with

Yes, we used to worry but now just enjoy you

As your Grandfather used to sing to you

KaKa Katie!

Frank X Cameron frankxcameron.com 12/25/2020 Copyright

The room of dreams

In this very room were creations made for

Children yet to be born, holidays to be celebrated

With fingers once smooth and nimble

Now gnarled and bent

So hard to grasp the depth of one’s feelings

Dreaming, creating proper attire

For cherished loved ones

The spigot of imagination never slowed by time

Only age would tamper production

Dare say fifty years ago, twenty year from now

This room will look the same

As the artist never ceases to imagine

Her models in their newest attire

Around all of us

Are gifts like the seamstress

Christmas year round

Frank X Cameron 12/25/2020 frankxcameron.com Copyright