Please, please just leave it alone

Early on I did not notice

The need to clean

Always and everything

Dishes washed before putting them into the dishwasher

Stains removed in clothes before washing

A face washed at night and then cleansing cream applied

Oh yes, yes, we could not survive without cleaning

But couldn’t you please

Leave my coffee cup alone without

Putting cleansing powder in it to soak.

No matter died of coffee stain

FXC 5/29/15

You Can’t Go Back

Such a sincere request

Help you while you developed a new skill set

It was my old skill set, coaching

Loaded you up with books and suggestions

Knew your attention to detail and people skills

Would probably do the trick

Not long into the mentoring

Old feelings flooded back

There was my way and that was the only way

To get the job done

As the season unfolded and I watched you

Grow into the challenges of coaching

I had to accept you were actually better than I

The game had changed and become more challenging

You made them be a team and grow too

I had opened the door to coaching again

Only to find a new coach in front of me

So satisfying for a parent.

Well done Emily!!

FXC 5/19/15

So Quiet

So quiet you are

Always you have felt that I

Should know what you want or need

Because I love you

Like chess then I

Need to study your every glance


That I might determie

What you need or want

I so relish this game

Of learning Julie

Of trying to give you

What you have given me


FXC 5/6/15