Why write?

Well too busy

Nothing original to say

No clear vision of what should be

Too young

Too old


There are a bundle of ideas

Between a birth announcement

And an obituary

Thought obituaries were obligatory

A legal necessity to prove your demise

Well actually not

Just a method to procure ad money and

Maybe get a snippet summary of your life story

As if they covered obituary writing in school

No actually you educate yourself by reading the paper

Don’t get the paper

Online you can

Don’t care enough?

Fine leave it to a professional or even more precarious

A family member who might have a motive, or agenda

Or might even be saving the best for last, theirs

So theoretically quite a span to reflect

Birthdate and RIP date

Any interesting observations as you have progressed chronologically

Care to share

Now would be the time

Before the flame is snuffed out

Suffice it to say

Only your voice qualifies as an original

Others’ reflections of you are just that


Consider this an invitation

To give to us what only you can




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