Spin class

First caught a glimpse of a spin class

On TV of course some show for just a minute

Usually just very fit people

Had to stop by the fitness club yesterday

Wanted to use the recumbent cycle

Thirty or forty minutes

Before I started my ‘workout’

I glanced in on the ‘spin class’

When from behind I heard

‘Hey, I thought you just walked around the neighborhood

I turned to see, of course, a young woman

Who I actually recognized but of course I did not remember her name

I replied, ‘True, true just thought I use the recumbent bike for a bit’

She responded, ‘ I really like to spin, you know the spin class’

Her efforts were obvious

Hair, water matting the ends

Sweat on her forehead which she wiped with her white towel

Flushed cheeks from exertion

Streamlined thighs

Feebly I explained the recumbent bike allowed me to go at my own pace

She said, ‘I need someone to make me try harder’

It was time for me to retire to my controlled exercise

Clearly there was a gap here in what we were both trying to achieve

Definitely I was trying to make it to dinner

While she understood she was going to help make dinner

Do the kids homework, etc. and come back tomorrow

To the spin class



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