I Don’t Remember

No longer

Do I remember

When the pain began

Or ended

If it did.

I lay, sit or stand

Hoping against hope

It will stop


Knowing that any relief

Is temporary

Don’t get me wrong

There are certainly


That take my mind

On a ride

The wind, rain, sun




But oh how do I pray

That the grip of pain

Would release

Tears now

As I know

What the future holds

Sometimes still a wave of peace

Will seem to overflow me

Like a  brief cool wind in summer

Even so I know my lot

Is far better than many

And so for now

I read this chapter in my book of life

FXC 4/22/15


So close to 6:30

Early in the morning

Waiting till Plehns 

Unlocks the door

That I might lumber in

To delight in the smells 

Of my bakery

Seemingly limitless choices

Of pure lust

But always

Chocolate cream filled long johns

Will begin to slake the need

For pure sweet pleasure

So sometimes 

The problems of life

Can be eased 

With a visit to Plehns 

Thank you so much




The Truth?

And so what is the truth?

Screamed from the street

Rants in politics

Shouted in forums

Incessant blogs

No view is sacred

No belief sublime

Cherished friends

Now divided

By long held assumptions

No one is safe

No life protected

In the rush

To enforce the truth

On those not of your ilk

FXC 4/21/15