Did I ever really know you?

There you go down the hall on your knees
Following baby face’
Today it is ‘baby face’
Yesterday it was ‘little girl’
Long time ago it was ‘big boy’
You might need the other knee
Replaced at the rate you are going
You have never really been
Able to sit down
Reflect, meditate
Seemingly watching a good TV show
Or sewing or working in the garden
Provide your solace
While teaching you were gone 9-4
So limiting
Now your mind searches for the next
Creative endeavor
Holding a baby,
Sewing for a baby,
Introducing baby to their new world
But all of this at a price
3 PM finally arrives
Baby goes home
Grandma sitting, staring
Hair mussed, eyes glazed
Her life poured
Shared with the
New Life
Truly so giving

FXC 4/29/17

There is no Truth

What do you mean
I’m lying
I’m telling you the truth!
What? Just because I say it doesn’t make it
The Truth
You think there are two truths about the same thing
Is that even possible?
I wouldn’t lie.
Mom said never tell a lie
A world with two truths
Would be a parallel universe
So what?
One of the truths are ‘alternate facts?
Truths can be perceived
Differently by a different set of eyes
Or ears
I’m afraid this dichotomy
You refer to
Will not work
If there is no agreed upon truth
We become aliens to each other
So sad that our world
Might well be a hologram
But the TRUTH be told
You are part of the Dark Side
As truth, Universal Truth
Is anathema to the Dark Side.

FXC 4/29/17


Hmmm, Hmm slowly, very slowly examining
The different rooms
In my house
For their content and organization
There seems to be a priority
To the organization
Certainly in some of the rooms
Towels in a closet
Lots and lots of towels
Some for beaches, some for baths
Various, many various colors
Stacked high with out regard to their safety
Occasionally toppling on to the floor
Near a door that now will not close
Mental note
Rip every towel out of that closet
And out the door
But hey, hey what makes you think
This is an opportunity
For you to ‘clean house’
Now, hmm, hmm
The Lady of the house
In a moment of poor judgement
Or not understanding
That she has put her
In harms way
Has gone to visit her Mother
It is really just too much for me
Temptations come and go all the time
But not the type that you walk by
Now though discretion is mandated
Reorganization incognito!

FXC 4/13/17

Wandering Now

So much purpose and drive
Fueling youth
Goals to be accomplished
Joys to be held high
Sorrows borne
Never really looking up
Never thought eternity
Had an end
Or at least mine didn’t seem to
Ah and it has been good, sweet
But sad and hard
Somedays barely able to understand
Other days
It didn’t matter
But today the mirror won’t
Let me look away
The price of life
Has taken its toll
The Grim Reaper marches
Ever closer
No longer my choice
As if it had ever been
To embrace the end
As I did the beginning.

FXC. 4/12/17