Just throw it out!

Many times questions arise

In reference to the value of a particular belonging

Usually the discussion is between acquaintances of long time standing

Needless to say an emotional history is stuffed inside these reflective moments

Hidden in the discourse are the varied images rambling in old minds

A framed picture of an aunt just vaguely remembered but highly regarded

An old rickety wooden chair dating back to a now closed family owned grocery store

A beautiful marbled counter top from that same store

Baby clothes saved to be given to great grandchildren or great nieces or nephews

Such a responsibility to possess such a heirloom

File cabinets of material from a thirty three year teaching career

State fair ribbons for sewing awards

A drawer full of nick knacks requiring turning the pages in one’s mind to remember

But time has slowly eroded the need to make a decision on any of the objects

A quiet acceptance by both parties that acknowledges

The removal of just one of the precious possessions

Begins their own removal from the history that was being passed on

And we know what the next page of our own history will be

So no everything can stay just as it is,

Thank you very much

Just another legacy we are leaving!

FXC frankxcameron.com 7/14/2021 Copyright