Are You the ONE

So often the phrase


Labels those who drive by an accident

Not stopping to lend assistance

In other scenarios

Is heard ‘they don’t care’

But to truly understand

There is good, evil and lukewarm

Sit with me

As on a cold rainy Saturday afternoon

In a crowded well lit bowling alley

As a Special Olympic regional bowling tournament

Is played with banners, music and intensity

Competitors of all abilities

Struggle to shine

Exhibiting all that they have

Surrounding them

Coaches, fans, families

Committed that these athletes

Will be all they can be

Make no mistake

These people who hold, love and support

Many who are not even family

But help as if FAMILY

Reveal themselves

To be the ONE!

FXC 10/27/19


Getting to the truth!

Started out simple enough

Curious about anything and everything

Didn’t seem to have time before

Yet now trying to take a break

From my working even in retirement

Not kidding

Yard work, housework, grandchildren, travel, cooking

Yes, I said cooking

After 50 years the job has pretty much been handed over to me

Back to taking a break

Just wanted to sit and scroll on my beloved iPad

Review Facebook,

Found out all about my relatives and friends that

I will never be able to visit

Be educated about current events

Brutally found out that what I considered

‘Near and dear’ was not the same for everyone

Discovered 50% of the people in myworld

Were not actually in the world I thought I was in

Difficult accepting that

Needed to sort through all the news sources

Deleting some adding some

Unable to assemble current information

Suitable for my interests

Like most I’m sure

Concluded that was impossible

Reduced ‘screen time’

Still dealing with the new realities

Greatest shock is that

This divergence in my world

Is actually not new

That the fight to establish

Perceived truth

Is eternal

Welcome to the new real world!

Sisters All Around


Men just so unable,

To relate

To women in all their reincarnations

Grandmothers, Mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, wives

And all related variations like in-laws

And strange as it may sound “sister”

Is the most intriguing relationship

Never really believed understanding a woman

Would be my forte

It’s not like there is a ‘Wikipedia’ for Women

So my learning could only be by observing

Sisters seemed to be all around

Grandmothers, Mothers, sisters, in-laws, friends

All had sisters

Heck, even I had sisters

But it wasn’t until my daughters were sisters

That a glimmer of understanding began

And not actually till they were independent

Sweet support, undying loyalty, deep, deep closeness

Which I’m afraid, not sure guys just aren’t really capable of

Extremely satisfying there are people, okay women

Who just want to love and support

Hmm better call my sisters

Emily & Katie


FXC 10/12/19



Names changed memory has not

Though the upstairs is cluttered

The basement is a repository of a

50 year time capsule

Comparable to the catacombs

From largely uncategorized cartons of pictures

Sealed bags of clothes and shoes

Unintended vestiges

Of a grand ‘hand me down’ program

Volunteered to slowly, very slowly

Reclassify the intended recipients of family belongings and history

Mostly served as a ‘go for’

A roll I was born to

A documentary of our lives ensued

“These were Carol’s’ shoes

Would love to have remembered Carol in those shoes

Different pants and dresses

Belonging to different children and grandchildren

Going through seemingly endless collections of ‘hand me downs’

My teacher painting our history

Making a verbal movie

So much wished

I could see the original again

But it is not there

Had wanted to clear the clutter

But now I understand

I need to keep it close

Don’t really understand

Why or where

Please rewind and play it again

FXC 10/7/19


Always got to be better

You know it’s a tough life

So many methods

To indicate success

Have you measured up?

Wear the right dress?

Gone to the right school

Gotten good grades

Made the ‘A’ Team?

How many Social media friends?

Weight in proportion to height?

Smoke – drink?

Good looking?

Good person?

Will it ever be okay

To just be me

Frank. Cameron 9/3/19


Batting Practice

Batting practice

Every day seems to be a rehearsal of sorts

For the next game

Which is ‘Today’s game of life”?

The night before the dishes are done

Coffee is ready to turn on

No items on floor to trip over

If need be alarms are set

A short list of ‘To Do’ lays by the wallet and keys

A reminder of sorts that

To be a living viable member of life

A plan for that existence must exist

A purpose if you will

Whining about not moving to Florida

Or to a patio home

Only begs the question

But what will I do

Reading the paper has really became passé

Facebook only has so many friends

Eventually the coffee pot is drained

Then what?

First pitch whizzes by

Strike one

Still haven’t gone to the grocery

Got it

Next pitch is on the way

Knees are slightly bent

Yes, yes the French lesson has been learned

Ball 1

The memory

Starts to come back

The next ball will probably be a curve

Asking her to dinner

Oh yeah, Ball 2

Sweat in 90 degree sun flows

When will I ever get on base

Good Luck with that

Base running is a whole other game

Strike 2


Keep your head in the game

This crazy game of life

FXC 10/3/2019