Mailbox empty? Semi-annual mailings!

As a student of the USPS for fifty five years

And molded by Ben Franklin, it’s creator

Quite aware that change as in all public sectors

Is inevitable thus a slight digression now is required

That might explain the dichotomy

Between the public and private sector in reference to mail delivery

The USPS was established to provide free mail delivery for it’s citizens

This was subsidized by the purchase of stamps

Some laughed at the expression ‘junk mail’

And with the restriction that the USPS could not charge above cost

Private delivery companies were able to make inroads

Which brings up the need for semi-annual mailings

Christmas cards once a requirement for relationships

Is now a a diminished communication method

The price of stamps seemingly undermining

The very thought of Christmas cards

And yet periodically businesses realize

Money must be spent to increase income

Or in this case to increase friendships and relationships

Thus now a conversation starter is

Would semi-annual mailings increase one’s personal corespondent life?

Say, Christmas and July 4th

The address list is already available

Surely additional news and a more current photo could be enclosed

For a second update

The deal breaker is the cost of a stamp

Airline tickets, the price of gas, car payments

Do not provide an economic method for encouraging relationships

Start a real revolution!

Semi-annual mailings to friends and relatives

FXC 12/20/2022 Copyright

Peggy’s best friend

Oftentimes a kid sister is just that

A kid and a sister

Possibly useful as a cohort in crime

Like having someone to blame if some candy goes missing

Frequently required my younger sibling to walk behind me

So that no friend would mistake her for a girlfriend

With seven siblings however there were useful moments

Such as when I was thirsty and her bottle was just too close

That scene was captured on a ‘Brownie’,

Did periodically have pangs of guilt

As my closest age wise sibling was in the middle of three boys

But childhood would fade as adolescence appeared

Didn’t take too long to notice that the sister I once distanced myself from

Was now in the company of multiple young beauties

It was the 60’s and we were in our teens

A truly awesome epoch

And then would you believe it

My sister Peg invited me to go with her and a few girlfriends

To see a play in downtown Chicago

So with eternal gratitude I met my best friend that night

Who happened go be Peg’s best friend

The much treasured Julie Becker

Thank you dear Peg as you, Bob, Julie and I

Are still enjoying your gift to us, you.

FXC 12/05/2022 Copyright