Mm mm mm

Just completed

The twenty five budget review

Every twenty five years

Whether needed or not

Various templates are perused

For one that possesses Ai

That intuitively knows

What is being done with “our books”

Don’t know if they can be considered books

If left unread

Have learned quite clearly that spreadsheets

Are clearly meant for math majors

Or someone with a schematic mind

Thus ‘a document’ must suffice

That I might clearly add income and bills

Then simply add and subtract and

A proposed budget emerges

Actually available money for necessities like food

Now you talk about a hot date

Try discussing this with your significant other

Over coffee, maybe

But it definitely is not appropriate table talk at dinner

Many things can be brought into the light of day

If sunglasses are an accessory

For the harsh realities of a budget

And yet there is closeness in sharing

Even if you don’t want to

Far better to glance at the paperwork now

Prior to Balancing the Checkbook



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