How would you have known?

Perchance three years ago

You might have had a crystal ball

To see the road before you

Maybe filled with silver spoons

Or lumps of coal

But true to form

This life is no guarantee

For one to be happy or sad

Seems a flip of the coin

Oftentimes decides ones fate

So it is with you young lady

Your young life now decided

By events you had no say in

Much like being hit by a drunk or distracted driver

Others maybe years ago set in motion

Activities which ensured your life would veer

Swerving oftentimes out of control

Decisions now being made as if for your good

But really for their good

Divorce can possibly have that affect

On a good day there is a 50% chance a marriage will fail

No one told you?

Sorry, sorry now everyone says sorry

As you scurry from one abode to the next

On your court ordered visitation schedule

Close daily encounters with cousins or grandparents

Are now obsolete

As you are quickly introduced to newly acquired relatives or friends

But every time I might still have a chance to hold you tight

I will clutch you so as never to let you go

Tears will slowly dry

Your pain and memory distant echos

As you will always be

My perfect little three year old girl


FXC 12/16/19