M name is not Webster

A close confidant divulged

That new words are being added

To the Webster dictionary every year

How exciting!

Seemingly the culture is changing

God forbid a lexicon would not be updated

Truly a serendipity moment

As objects I once knew as ‘whatchamacallit’

Now would have a specific name

Each of us has our own personal vision

Of what a ‘thing’ is

Periodically that vision is not able to be vocalized

As the picture of that object in our mind

Like a card in a deck of cards

Gets lost like in a ‘52 pick up game’

The eyes search inward as a roulette wheel

Tries to spit out possibilities

No point, eyes with fixed glaze

Join hands with the mind

Announcing a new name for the irascible object


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Heard rumors

In hushed conversations

Heard rumors

Questions about your memory

Medicines and therapies adopted

To slow the process down

You and I talked

Actually more than we had in years

Talked about memories

Our memories, family memories

Honestly my memory has also lost its zest

Have had other close friends awash in this vacuum

That seemingly erodes

‘How precious memory is’ you repeat to me

Asking me to send pictures, stories I remember

That might light the embers of what is receding relentlessly

This void I’ve seen in others

The bewilderment in their eyes

As if their very existence is being erased

We cling to each other now

Still so calm you are

As always you have been

Starting my search for old pictures of us

To retell our story that we might talk again

When you see my name on

Caller id

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So alone

Introspection clearly a Houdini trick

Meant to be social

The evening or the early morning

Relaxes our shoulders

As we slump into reflection

On the finished day or the day to finish

But so fulfilling

To reminisce or meditate

On what has been or what will be

Usually of the opinion

Reality can be modified

By effort

Scuffling, shoving eventually tires the soul

Till the fatigue itself

Begins a healing


Being alone

Such a sweet, sweet personal moment!

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Don’t take my 4:30AM

Sleep apnea mask removed

Coffee turned on

News scrutinized and dismissed

Clothes assembled

The To Do list located and modified

Dishes put away, dog fed and watered

Laundry put on, breakfast prepared

Small grocery run if necessary

1st grandchild picked up and taken to NaNa

Decaf started for NaNa

2nd grandchild picked up while NaNa takes 1st grandchild to school

2nd grandchild arrives in time for online class with NaNa

School, play, lunch, squabbles, hugs and fun

Till dinner preparations begin

Children taken back to their respective homes

Very small talk at dinner

But then the culmination of the day

7PM Wheel of Fortune and Jeapordy

Alleluia! Collapsing in complete joy

Patting ourselves on the back for another day well done

Thank the Lord for structure

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It’s in the eyes

Thousands of pictures

iPhones make memories so easy

Some so sad though of those no longer with us

Others reminding us of the joy

Of a wistful summer day by a backyard pool

The frigid creation of a snowman from 3 inches of snow

Or the mesmerizing color splashes of fall leaves

Yet the most cherished are those of eyes

Tired eyes, searching

Young eyes exploring

Beautiful eyes, glancing, flitting, confident, coy,

Yet never met anyone who didn’t know or understand

I was seeking to capture their souls through their eyes

Some knew that would be the most beautiful picture of all

Today, this very day

Your eyes warm my world

FXC 1/30/2021 frankxcameron.com. Copyright

On the road again

Forest River 2016

So may years camping in a tent with little ones then older ones

Thought about that again but cots just don’t quite do it now

Needed something that didn’t require a 2nd mortgage

Walla! The pop-up

2 burner stove, small refrigerator, heated bed

Assisted heating and air conditioning but most critical

Small potty area

Thank goodness we have been confined so long

The lockdown made us look for freedom

Fresh air, dark roast coffee, no dangerous crowds, campfire

No need for planes, trains, or busses

Traveling at our own pace

Away from Zoom

To see you, to hold you again

Tomorrow is not promised

Need you today

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As Time draws nigh

Reflecting, remembering,reminiscing

Seem to be the predominant activity

In one’s latter years

Home movies, pictures help an addled memory

Yes, though reluctant to admit there is much which is gone now

Conversations, images, events sometimes can’t seem to be grasped

Often called, ‘Honey’ at the grocery while using my cane

Don’t know when the time came to understand and accept

There was no going back

Always knew, but disregarded the finality of this life

But now quite aware

What seemed would be eternity

Is now measured by Mother Nature

Who just plays by the numbers

The numbers on one’s clock

So that is what ‘your time ran out means’

Tempus Fugit

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Not even close

Having children ‘in the day’

Seemed to be the norm

Today it is a possible option

Of course, ‘in the day’ premarital ‘____’ was not an option

Marriage was the option and then it was no longer ‘premarital ‘___’

Thought maybe that would be an exception

And that our children might emulate our good example

Presuming of course we could hide our ‘goofs’

However like a sledgehammer on a spike

Incidents have occurred to cause dissolution

In my confidence of my child rearing

Particularly as they become adults

Only going to pick one example and just for one child

Though the aforementioned individual is above the ‘age of reason’

Seems he has left some aspects of reason behind

Bathroom remodeling needed to be done

Thought I might be a source of ideas ,

However I was not the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd source

His Mother was consulted and then he downloaded

The almighty ‘app’

Enough said, thought he might be at least be

A fledging Dad, wannabe

But no, he decides to go it on his own

And become his own man

Guess that is good

Time go work on the grandchildren

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Just bet on it

1st principle of life

Some say a flip of the coin

Random chance

Who you are born to

Luck of the draw

Horoscope sign?


Man or woman

Religion or racial status

Rich or poor

Will dictate one’s success in life

Not quite

Don’t bet yet

As the 2nd principle is that life is not fair

Illness, loss of income, death, little family support

May shred any perceived advantages

Does seem like a rehash of the 1st principle

Probably right

So no matter who you are, where you are

Seems as if we are swimming in a primordial soup

Periodically even I become discouraged by this thought

Yet, yet, thank the Lord there is a third principle

Any chance there is a life jacket

A lifeline or life jacket

That will sustain us

Just one


All of us,are fighting to be on Page 1

Have the most money, the best children, the one true God, the right political party, ad infinitum

No real winner in this life, so just a thought

Bet on you

You are the only one

Peering within

To demand, secure in a fight to be you

Bet on you

FXC frankxcameron.com 1/3/2021 Copyright

1st born

KaKa Katie

Actually I owe you a lot eldest child

Your impending arrival spurred a matrimonial event

Though there were those who labeled you challenged

They hardly knew that was not an impediment to you

Finishing school, riding a bus, living on your own

Same job for over thirty years

Home on week ends

Raking leaves, vacuuming, eating meals

Cell phone, FaceTime, Zoom

Sharing your life with us

You have always been there for us, siblings, nieces and nephews

You have had boyfriends but none I needed to have a talk with

Yes, we used to worry but now just enjoy you

As your Grandfather used to sing to you

KaKa Katie!

Frank X Cameron frankxcameron.com 12/25/2020 Copyright