Cool breeze lightly blowing

Summer’s heat seemingly dissipating

Is another year being whisked away

Trying to remember this year before it is gone

Ireland, Hattiesburg, Chicago

Yet always downsizing

Not exactly sure how our house became

The repository of designated ‘hand me down items’

And it is a repository that seems to replenish itself

Progress is being made though

Currently there are now boxes labeled for dispersal

Some to Goodwill

Some to grand nephews and grand nieces

But then a box is found in such a way

As to indicate my possible inclusion in eternity

A box of three sets of Lincoln Logs

Labeled for the unborn children of our grandchildren

With the box going to the first grandchild who has a great grandchild

Needless to say none of our grandchildren are married yet

But I’m beginning to get a sense

Of how the script for the future might

Have already had it’s first reading

And somewhere in the hazy mist is

I don’t know yet 9/24/2022 Copyright FXC

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