Every generation

Nothing new here

Long remembered tales

Of the struggles

Our parents and grandparents


The Great Depression


None of the ‘ Nice things’

Can we have an ‘Amen’ for

‘You kids don’t know how nice you have it’

Well how are generations going to compare

Apples and oranges

Challenges and rewards

So now there are

More of the same

Like to say sex was delayed till marriage then but not now

Relative term

Teens are still preoccupied with it


Probably more difficult now

Sorting through all the options

Information now possibly too much

How about the complete and full story

Rather than an attention grabber

New gadgets, always something new

Electricity and TV were once ‘must haves’

Sometimes an older generation

Might forget

A value added moment like

The dinner table, a family outing

A favorite movie or TV show

Or that tender caring for a child

Is always cherished

Discussing problems while being held

Yes, yes

Much of core beliefs have been witnessed

Within us

The values and memories

That have shaped us and that we value

To endure within the ones we love

Nice that

Good character is ageless



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