Which one are you?

There is a class of people

Never are alone

Always have someone to talk to

Basically a built in best friend


A marvel of creation

A matched set of these

Live kitty corner to me

Young, yes 6 is really young

Riding bikes up and down the cul-de-sac

Jumping into the mud puddles in torrential rain

And inevitably curious

Questioning as if with my age I had inherited wisdom

For instance one afternoon

One of the twins

Okay, okay so I can’t tell them apart

Asked me if I thought he was a blur when he rode by

I assured him he did indeed look like a blur

But when I started my daily walk

Questioned him if he thought I might be a blur

To which he replied

“I don’t think so”

Probably good thing

I don’t know which one said that to me

FXC 5/28/19


Not going to let you go again

So many times

Sat across from you

In this very room

Playful banter and teasing

Fifty years is a long time

To share the joys and sorrow of life

Many struggles, many dreams

Though our circles were concentric

Similar goals

But now time has intervened

To try to steal you away

That just can’t happen

This is your room

Where you hold forth

With both wisdom and love

Shared generously

You came back today

You will come again

To stay where you belong

To hold and embrace us

I love you Mary Becker

FXC 5/27/19


Walk out the door

So many times

Had visited the dentist

Never really paid much attention

To the staff at the desk

But one day managed to look up

And notice a delightful vision

Wavy, red hair on a radiant smiling face

Presumed everyone received the same smile

But over time I wandered maybe, just maybe if

That smile was meant for me

No real conversation was ever engaged

Just daydreaming on my part

Wondered how to engineer

A possible word or two with her

Nothing really brilliant came to mind

Knew forever I could really stumble

Trying to start a conversation

But my need to just hear her voice

Overwhelmed me

This appointment I would say something

Maybe “Hi” or something original like that

Passed her on my way to the dental chair

Finally it was time to schedule my next appointment

But at the desk she had disappeared

Embarrassed myself by scanning the whole room

With furrowed brow I asked

“Where did everyone go”

Consolidation of jobs was the response

My rising idiotic passion was deflated

As I realized

She had just walked out the door

FXC 5/27/19


69, Seriously

Never know it, to look at you

Sure you have children

With treated hair

But 69

Not possible

I’m 69 and creaking

Your face hasn’t changed

In my memory

I call Julie and the same wistful smile

The same demure eyes look in my direction

Always assuring of your love

Forget the past 50 years

Too much time has gone to remember

Only this moment

This embrace

Holding you and never letting go

17 when I met you

Our grandparents weren’t even the age we are now

Too much to comprehend

We know now how much life doesn’t make sense

And yet when I hold you

On your birthday

So tightly

It is perfectly clear

We are such a matched set

I love you Julie Becker

FXC 5/19/19


Hip Flexor

Tell me you are 25

And know what a hip flexor is

That would reveal that you

Are a medical student

That was about the age

Of the medical professional

Treating me for hip flexor issues

Didn’t even know I had hip flexors

Or what they were for

Until twenty years without riding a bike

Decided to get back on my Fuji Touring bike

A model of efficiency and beauty

Standing next to the bike in shorts stretched full

Gave the order to my right leg to lift over the bar

Nothing moved

As if the signal was never sent

The connection lost

That is impossible

Finally was reduced to laying the bike down

To straddle and pull the bike up

Well now the confidence was gone

If the leg would not rise over the bike

Doubts arose as to the legs pumping the bike

Scanning the area behind the garage

To make sure no one had seen this lunacy

Laid the bike down again to get off

Very unceremoniously

Back in the garage with the bike

Now the search to discover

The possible ailment

Had one trusted discretionary source

My second daughter

A vegetarian and certified health nut

Needless to say I had my diagnosis

And enough yoga poses to last a lifetime

Am I back on the bike yet

Not quite but I have hope

As my condition confirmed by my

25 year old medical professional

Oh yeah

Your hip flexor

Runs from your lower back

To your femur

Something like that

FXC 5/18/19


Five days

Often times when left to my own devices

It is true, relaxation begins

Maybe small explorations

Into projects that

Needed more time

Or even forage for new ideas

But now with five days

To myself

Okay mostly myself

A sense of freedom tingles the imagination

And as usual it begins with morning coffee

Laying out my days schedule

Full of delayed gratification

And though I was left a Honey Do list

Like cutting grass or mopping the floors

There is even the possibility

Of a visit to Home Depot

For flowers for the season

But that thought alone

Freezes me

As then quite clearly

Inner voices speak up

Daffodils or pansies

Annuals or perennials

I’m just dropping that whole idea then

The Honey Do list is laid aside

Going to go on to something else

Maybe I could help with one of the grandkids

That’s pretty funny

Considering I’m like their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice

Next possibility

Look up where the yard sales for next weekend are

That’s always a hot date

Depending on the weather

Or maybe I should

Just write this all down

Acquiesce to my inherited

Role as the number 2 executive

Maybe even just turn the calendar pages

Or at least change the sheets on Day 4

That’s worth two points

FXC 5/13/19


Life Long Friend

Not happy today

Known you since we were ten

Many playful years

Maturing when we could

Your life became so meaningful

Influenced so many

Endless facets to your talents

Yet humble

Not sure how we will endure

As you begin your new journey

Suffice it to say

I will always love you!

FXC 5/10/19



Should have left you long ago

Years ago

The first time you looked away when I was talking to you

As you noticed a new sweet young thing

Or when you quashed an idea I had

Dominating me

Why has it taken so long

For me to understand

I was a trinket

On your walk through life

Yes, yes ultimately

I was afraid

Afraid of you

And not sure enough of myself

To break free

Until now as I realize

My need for you

Leaves me ashamed

Eclipses my very existence

So very late

To be reborn

FXC 5/09/19


What’s on your side of the bed?

The length of a relationship

Can often be determined

By the peripheral objects

On ones’ side of the bed

There might be a lamp

On a nightstand for reading

A pencil and paper for puzzles

Possibly a channel changer

As seniority increases

There might be a heating pad

Or even a vibrator for aching muscles

Maybe even ear plugs

Or eye shades

When sleeping patterns don’t match

But hopefully

The guest room

Is not the final option

FXC 5/8/19