Moser Rd Animal Hospital

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Just where my little 13 year old Ocherese

Was to be groomed and given her annual shots

Having recently moved this was ‘Micahs’ first time at the

Moser Rd Animal Hospital

Pandemic time though so the mask hanging around my neck

Was positioned over the nose and mouth

However even before that the hearing aids need to be removed

Lest they be knocked askew or off by the mask

Now properly prepared to enter, peering through the window

Making sure no more than two persons were already in the office

Even better no one was in the office or even behind the desk

Waited a couple of moments to see if I had been noticed

No sound, quietly said , ‘Hello’ then louder, ‘Hello’

Without the hearing aids though, heard a feeble, ‘Sit down’

Then again a muffled, ‘Sit down’,

Could not locate where the responses came from

First of course checked my mind to make sure I heard what I had heard

Again verbally ventured, ‘What did you say?’,

‘Please sit down’

And there they were

Two parrots

One behind the desk

The other in the waiting room

Very beautiful Ai, colorful even

Even Micah had been fooled

FXC 7/26/2020 Copyright