It’s only now

It’s only now

Whispers reach my ears

Steps approaching of impending encounters

Till this time youth, ambition, myopic vision

Assured my goals and dreams would be completed

Yet as shadows begin to cloud my vision

Slowly an awareness there was much that was not seen

Doubts seeping into a once confident mind

Where have I been, what have I done

Well or poor

Not for me to know  Copy write 06/17/2023



Don’t know where to begin

Instead of slowing down

Life, my thoughts seem to be on the autobahn

Choosing to go back to work

Seemed to be a choice to  reengage

Never anxious, now questioning everything

Am I antiquated, past my prime, alright, alright way past my prime

What relevancy do I have

Done this, done this many times

Why do it again

VALIDATION! I’m still in the game, thank you. Copyright 5/27/2023






Don’t cry again

Don’t cry again

Hours were whizzing by

Days were consumed with waiting

Finally even weeks seemed to be sauntering

The interview was history

Sitting at the head off a table across from the head of the company

Lining the sides of the table, individuals, all women

With multiple layers of authority

All set to evaluate my application with additional questions

Mostly just reviewed my past experiences

Which I believed qualified me for the job

But I knew this company and these individuals

All people who had worked  miracles with my family

That emotion did produce a few tears

Sorry but they were  unpreventable

My cohabitating resident authority

Made note the tears might have squashed my hiring opportunity

Yet just days later

A heavenly phone call, I got the job.

Entitled to a few more tears again I believe

FXC Copyright 2/11/2023





Quaking in my boots

Quaking in my boots

Theoretically no need to worry

Fully qualified for the job and the job interview

Actually over qualified for the job on paper

Experience and education had prepared me for this

But at 73 and retired from the workforce for thirteen years

Questions arose in my own head

Had taken some time off to enjoy grandchildren

But as my children did, the grandchildren are moving on

There have been other options that were discussed with the powers that be

Moving to Florida was dismissed as was moving to a patio home

Yard work would continue, or at least my contribution (cutting the grass)

Handyman would continue to be a budget item due to my zero home repair skills

Church would go on, occasional movie nights also

‘Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy’ would signal bedtime

The New York Times spelling bee would of course determine the brains in the house

Periodically an estate sale or visit to Kohl’s

Of course Kroger reigns as the hot bed for daily steps

So why this job?

An an ECE classroom instructional assistant

Because I can do it, they need help and I’m available

So as I perused the interview committee

Calmness came over me

I was where I wanted to be and where I needed to be

Stayed tuned!

FXC  Copyright 1/28/2022









Seemed harmless enough—

Seemed harmless enough

An old friend

A very old friend

Slipped a notice to me of a reunion of retirees from our former employer

Gosh, a rusty smile slowly spread across my face

This could be fun. Hey Julie, what do you think

Would you go with me?

Who would  I know? Your cousin would be there

Anyone else? I dont know

More problematic is who would I even recognize there

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror

So embarrassing to see people you can;t remember but they remember you

Surely, surely everyone would have name tags

How do you know that?

Back to Facebook Messenger to check with Steve

I actually remember Steve, of course it helps his face is on Facebook

Ah, fantastic everyone will have a name tag

Of course there will sill be that awkward moment

When I bury my face in my friends chest to read their named tag

But after that I’ll know their name for ten maybe twenty seconds for sure

The day came, actually it was last night

6-9 PM perfect for the plus 60 crowd

Of course BYOB, Diet Coke was my choice

And there was a DJ

Instrumental hits from the 50 to 80’s, but only one couple danced one dance

My suspicion was arthritis was the culprit

But oh my gosh memories could not recreate reality

My mind was frequently a blank when someone would call my name

I’d go over their name numerous times, staring  at the name tag again and again

Finally an image would appear that had no connection to the reality in front of me

Incredible the mismatch of a 30 to 40 year gap in social get togethers

But nonetheless laughter triumphed, smiles permeated

So, so blessed to share a night with good people

People who strove with you to get a needed job done

‘Oh what a night!’

Copyright 1/22/23 FXC











Mailbox empty? Semi-annual mailings!

As a student of the USPS for fifty five years

And molded by Ben Franklin, it’s creator

Quite aware that change as in all public sectors

Is inevitable thus a slight digression now is required

That might explain the dichotomy

Between the public and private sector in reference to mail delivery

The USPS was established to provide free mail delivery for it’s citizens

This was subsidized by the purchase of stamps

Some laughed at the expression ‘junk mail’

And with the restriction that the USPS could not charge above cost

Private delivery companies were able to make inroads

Which brings up the need for semi-annual mailings

Christmas cards once a requirement for relationships

Is now a a diminished communication method

The price of stamps seemingly undermining

The very thought of Christmas cards

And yet periodically businesses realize

Money must be spent to increase income

Or in this case to increase friendships and relationships

Thus now a conversation starter is

Would semi-annual mailings increase one’s personal corespondent life?

Say, Christmas and July 4th

The address list is already available

Surely additional news and a more current photo could be enclosed

For a second update

The deal breaker is the cost of a stamp

Airline tickets, the price of gas, car payments

Do not provide an economic method for encouraging relationships

Start a real revolution!

Semi-annual mailings to friends and relatives

FXC 12/20/2022 Copyright

Peggy’s best friend

Oftentimes a kid sister is just that

A kid and a sister

Possibly useful as a cohort in crime

Like having someone to blame if some candy goes missing

Frequently required my younger sibling to walk behind me

So that no friend would mistake her for a girlfriend

With seven siblings however there were useful moments

Such as when I was thirsty and her bottle was just too close

That scene was captured on a ‘Brownie’,

Did periodically have pangs of guilt

As my closest age wise sibling was in the middle of three boys

But childhood would fade as adolescence appeared

Didn’t take too long to notice that the sister I once distanced myself from

Was now in the company of multiple young beauties

It was the 60’s and we were in our teens

A truly awesome epoch

And then would you believe it

My sister Peg invited me to go with her and a few girlfriends

To see a play in downtown Chicago

So with eternal gratitude I met my best friend that night

Who happened go be Peg’s best friend

The much treasured Julie Becker

Thank you dear Peg as you, Bob, Julie and I

Are still enjoying your gift to us, you.

FXC 12/05/2022 Copyright


Seems like yesterday

Preparations for Thanksgiving

Would begin weeks earlier

Penciled notes scribbled

Reminding of actions needed

To ensure the perfect feast

Celery, golden raisins, onions, a frozen turkey

Ah yes a frozen turkey which by itself adds to the drama

As then experts would weigh in as to the proper time to begin thawing

Many years ago, too many to remember

My involvement in the Thanksgiving dinner was to buy the ingredients

Really didn’t quite understand nor grasp that women

We’re doing most of the work

But after thirty years the time seemed right to

Begin an apprenticeship as a sous chef

Promoted myself from the buyer of ingredients

But the new position was taxing on my ego

Quickly learned, I had no culinary skills whatsoever

Peeling onion, cutting, celery, drying bread we’re all a new skill set for me

Yes, but over time, gradually, my performance seemed to improve, if only to myself

After a number of years of apprenticeship, I was promoted

I was given the position of preparing the food the morning of the feast

This was a position with much more responsibility

It wasn’t until years later that I found out from a “whisper”

That my job performance was not always perfect

That occasionally I had not sliced the onions thin enough nor maybe dried out the bread enough

That news was, of course, quite disconcerting to my mental state

It seems as if the ego must be left at the kitchen door

As the taste of the meal takes precedence

Just glad I had a place at the table

FXC Copyright 11/26/2022

Doughnuts explain it all

Sweets by definition are sweet

Desirable, decadent even

Yet over the last twenty years

Many have sought to reduce sugar in foods

Included in this onslaught are fat grams

But this microcosm of public discourse

Defines our political juggernaut

Just as for two hundred years

No one seemed to notice the great divide in American politics

Yet the disparities in political thought mirrors

The varying tastes in doughnuts

This very morning at Plehn’s bakery

An old codger within five years of me give or take

Was getting into his Chevy Equinox

As I was exiting my Toyota Highlander

Noticing his treasure firmly in his grasp

I had to mediation ‘well you’ve done your job’

To which he replied, ‘Grandchildren you know

Ah so true, I said

He added, ‘but they only want specific types,

One plain chocolate pull apart, one sprinkle and one plain’

Yes, mine are the same and you can’t get them to try something different

But they keep us going, I replied

’Well, he concluded, I hope so!’

FXC Copyright 10/22/2022

How did they know?

Not long ago read an article by a would be arborist

Postulating that an oak tree shed

An average of five thousand acorns a year

True enough but a very limited study

During this past two year pandemic revealed

At least two oak trees in close proximity

Neglected to drop acorns during the pandemic

So much so that where once the lawn needed to be cut while wearing combat boots due to the acorns

During the pandemic said lawn was able to be cut while wearing socks

Any proof for this non-scientific study

Said lawn does not need to be cut now

As acorns have returned to their rightful

They have returned without

Without benefit of the internet, pundits orr public opinion
Once again Mother Nature wrote the story Copyright 10/2/2022