So strange

The urgency

To clarify for myself and others

Time is  not endless

For me

Goals now have to be really specific

I will not see the completion of

Plans and Dreams

The Moment

Takes on so much more meaning

I make plans as markers on a To Do note

But it is this moment that is all I have

And in this moment i am truly alone

For when my moment passes

All who are with me now

Will be in their own moment

Without me

So it is peaceful

To accept my moment

To know that my forever

Is now in my moment

FXC 1/18/15


So it was set

A trip to the country

Just a few hours

Maybe some antique shops

A little musty but intriguing

So hard getting used to being alone again

So many times, we worried

About what the kids wanted

Or needed

Now we had to discover

What we really wanted

More important what you like and wanted

Oh yes, I knew you liked chocolate frosting

But I didn’t know you liked ream cheese frosting also

I guess we didn’t get to that on our first or second date

Well now I know

So we drove to a specific spot, Bardstown

Oh my gosh, we forgot how long it has been since we went to


Then so busy and new

Camping and playing with the children

We young and full of energy

Now we kept looking for restrooms and

Dairy Queens

Well fortunately we found both

Not really a Dairy Queen but a McDonalds with ice cream cones

We wanted to look at each other

To search for that moment when we just squeezed

Just because we were together

But we were confused

We thought just by getting away

We would get together

That the old magic would come

Out of the bottle

And all of the old feelings

Would flood back

But it seems we will have to piece

It back together

The old haunts

The old memories

We will do it

And we will

Come back to Bardstown.

FXC  9/13/11

Don’t Look Now

65 degrees is not really cold but the whole family had the flu and I was warding the illness off by wearing a jacket with long pants.  Just needed a sandwich from Subway.  Not too complicated. Even knew what my wife wanted, grilled chicken with chipotle sauce.

Three smokers outside the bar next door told me it couldn’t  be too cold.  I went into Subway and quickly noted there was virtually no one in the store. Well there was one person. As I looked towards the counter there was one perfectly dressed young lady who seemed to be staring at me. I tried to act like I was looking away but i couldn’t help myself from noticing everything luscious about her. Soft brown hair, cascading down her shoulders, short skirt mid-thigh, shiny black boots, a hint of lip stick and no wedding ring. And yet she continued looking my way as I walked towards the counter.

It was inevitable, our eyes met and locked.  Locked until she started surveying me.  Actually I was almost embarrassed.  I wanted to look away but the momentary passion kept my eyes glued on hers as she studied me.  Finally, I realized she was starting to look me over f rom top to bottom.

In a panic, I wondered, is it my fly open, or did I even wear pants but then I found my answer.  As her eyes lowered and then stopped, I too looked down.  I was wearing my winter pajamas. Our eyes were not locked anymore.  I took what was left of my pride and left the store without ordering.  Hopefully, I don’t show up on Facebook.

FXC  11/17/13



You always asked me to wait

Waited to walk down the aisle

Till I almost had to run

Waited while the children grew

Who knew that never ended

Waited for the mortgage to pay off

What’s with thirty years?

Waited till retirement

Why are we busier now

Waited for the commitments to end

Will they ever, never

But you never asked me to wait

For your love