Yard Sale

Saturday morning?
Yes, yes I know is Saturday morning
The yard sale listings are laminated
On the kitchen table
Occasional check marks
The rising time does not indicate
The serious nature of Saturday’s agenda
She awakes when the mid morning beckons
A desired chocolate roll
Providing the elixir to begin
The weekly crusade
Finding that one item
That has been missing
In our house our life
A new experience or object
Set to transform us
I ride along as Sanchez would
Happy to be with her endeavors
Oh, oh the first sale
Begins the ascent
To Yard Sale heaven
But today, this Saturday
I knew would be different
For weeks I had been hearing
About a crib for the new Grand daughter
Why, why didn’t I understand that
Some Saturday, probably this Saturday
I would be carrying a crib home
Her anticipation revealed by
The moisture on her upper lip
Should have told me that she
Knew exactly where his crib might be
Ah, and then the Holy Grail,
Prominently displayed in the driveway
Bright, bright white
Shiny rails
And of course it was purchased
For $500 just a few short years ago
Yes, yes, my hand reached for my wallet
$40 now leaves to secure this purchase
Happy as a lark
She hides her joy
Already though I see in her head
Visions of how the room will look
With new paint and decorative wall hangings
Really though I am not to blame
This woman really just exists to cause joy
How well I know that
And am so grateful
Till next Saturday!

FXC 4/24/16