Playing against house money

So an allowance might have been nice

Possibly would have learned

The correlation between labor and wages

Or at least ‘if we do this we get that’

Much easier now

To reflect on how a life

Might have evolved differently

If we had raised ourselves

To produce a more desirable outcome

An outcome with a more love able person

Thus the behavior self portrait continues

Have a good close friend who is an artist

Am able to watch as

Hues and tones added

To soften the image

Bright or dark colors seem to blend

With his vision

Now our own self portrait continues

Proper money management lessons

Might have produced a savings account

Lights and darks to indicate

Profit and loss

Curves and lines

Defining borders of financial success

No sagging facial crevices

To blur the now beautiful image

Of a life well regulated

There does come a time

When blaming nature and nurture must cease

But what is our template?

When is our self portrait complete

Is it ever?

Why is money even a fit subject for self image?

It is like another ink blot

Describing us

Another drawer of our life

Which when opened

Reveals reams of dreams

Money when inherited or earned

Puts a brush in our hand

For us to create a visual

An ever evolving image of

Our own house money

And where has it all gone and why



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