Guest Room

A guest room, an extravagance
While the children are with you
But once they are gone
The room becomes a symbol
Of elbow room and the ability to host
Family or friends
Or so I have heard even a Mother-in-Law
There was a time it was used as a bedroom
Later maybe a man cave
But a man cave doesn’t fit into the image
Of the freedom that a Guest Room does
And so it was created
Painted, newly furnished
Spotless, no dog allowed of course
But then the TV in the master bedroom
Was too loud, played too late at night
Channels that had no meaning for a man
Asleep by 9.
Yes, yes, eventually the temptation of the
Guest Room became too much.
Ah the quiet, the comfort of more room
The Guest Room,
Still in the middle of the night
When all the lights had been turned off
The master bedroom with the allure of
Femininity would like a magnet
Draw me back, back to softness and warmth
That I by myself could not know in
The Guest Room

FXC 3/22/16