When did I hold you last?
Not today, I know not today

Running, running today

On endless errands

No I know, not today

But yesterday?

No not yesterday

I would remember

If it was yesterday

It had to be Thursday then

Could not have gone that long

Without your glance

But oh no, I remember

It was not Thursday

I was promised to so many others

On Thursday

Not going any further back

In my mind

As I can no longer wait

To hear the magic of


I will see you today

Thank the Lord!

FXC 6/25/16

Alas The Night

Alas the night
The inevitability of laying down
To rest, to possibly
Bring back, rejuvenate
One old, worn body
But the hope of sleep
Is elusive
Anticipating pain
And then some pain
Shooting out of the dark
With no warning
The night so long
Becomes even longer
Will it ever end
Will the dawn’s light bring comfort
More like dawn will
End the dread of pain
Pain is there but
Daylight distracts
The morning offers hope
And hope is all I have

FXC 6/1/16