Really only 2 seasons

Much is made of the change of seasons

Punxsutawney Phil

Would have you believe

On Groundhog Day

He is able to predict an

Early or late spring

The Farmer’s Almanac

Is a veritable bible

Of weather forecasting

But those sources really fall short

When compared

To the bathing suit hanging in my shower

What? What is that about?

So for many years the inside scoop or information

On weather forecasting

Was lost on me

Too busy rambling through life

To even notice or care about the seasons

I did know Memorial Day marked the opening of the pool

That Labor Day usually marked the end of the really hot days

But really what method was available

To officially announce the arrival of summer and

The end of summer

The answer only filtered through to my brain

When I lost my bathroom privileges in the master bedroom

At some point

When we ended up having a two bath house

The master bathroom became a hallowed tabernacle

Now known as the lady of the house’s TOILETTE

Obviously a little used word old school word

To indicate that the once multi used bathroom

Had now become the principal bathroom for the lady of the house

Guess I was lucky to have a full bath as opposed to a half-bath

Nonetheless I felt secure that my new bath was just mine

Well just mine unless, we had visitors or grandchildren

In which case before anyone came over I had to clean the bath

It was during one of these episodes I first noticed

An item from the TOILETTE

Was now hanging on my curtain rod

A bathing suit and a wet towel

Hmm! Could it be the pool was open

Or was the indoor pool being used to prepare

For Memorial Day

So the tanning lotion on the grocery list

Did have a purpose

Not exactly sure

Why no request was made to share my facilities

Presumptions after fifty years

I suppose are to be expected

And the chlorine

Certainly left a seasonal scent

To my otherwise musty environment

But no complaints actually

Now had irrefutable evidence

The warm season was here

No more snow or ice

And when the suit no longer hung

The cooler season was soon arriving

Like having my own weather channel



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