Political porn

Funny thing

You and I

Have different tastes

In reference to religion, food, sex, friends, politics

Somehow though any of those or all

Routinely and incessently

Are splashed across all news feeds

That is totally understandable as money

Talks real LOUD

The large net will surely snag all of us at some point

Capture our minds for a minute or more

Porn can do that so I’m told

Our valid interests in news draws us in

Veiled images and allusions

Used to exploit and entice

Appeal to all right or left

Though some might demurely deny

The very existence of lust

For the excitement

One of the great things about America

Is that it is predictable

Capitalism rules

Unless we just pick up a good book!

And just experience wanderlust!

FXC 8/20/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

Why do I write?

A close friend recently messaged me a quote

A quote from Toni Morrison, who herself is a great writer

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no pace for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”

What I feel, see, touch pours out of me

Much as colors from an artist, notes from a musician,

All of us are writers within how we live our lives

With compassion, and dedication to making our world better

I’m very grateful to my friend for reminding me

To pick up my pen again and write

FXC 8/9/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

Macabre humor?

So much so long ago

Really had no thought behind it

Racing through life

As if it was a a journey

That needed to be completed

With urgency

Till now as time flies but the body doesn’t

Daily, frequently, all the time

It is frighteningly quite apparent that

The body is lagging far behind

Slowing down, reversing gears as it were

In it’s attempts to replicate

What was once ‘all that’

Case in point

Trimming trees

Granted never has a tree had me scampering up its bark

But in my defense often used a ladder

To shape the lower branches

And here is where I have finally found

My understanding , my brain is of the opinion

I still possess this skill set

So as it were

My wife and I set out the front door

Three step step stool, and a trimmer our accessories

Slight discussion who would use the step stool

She of more ‘nimble footing’

Might have been the logical choice

But I the more delusional of the pair

Somewhat confidently strode to the arena

Heard a loud drumroll

Up the three steps

Still bending over

Knowing full well to straighten up

Will test every known weakness in my body

Finally my body is extended to it’s full 5’7”

And with that a certain movement was noticed in the sky

As the juxtaposition of my body and the moving landscape

Immediately convinced me of my folly

Quickly notifying my cohort of my concern

I returned to Mother Earth from my perch

Neither of us able to look at each other

Quietly very quietly

Playing the last moments over in our minds

Not understanding where the last seventy years had gone

Wanting to cry and laugh at the same time

For what we had lost but also for what we still had

FXC 8/9/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com

You’re Okay

Time flies

We all know that

Till the pandemic

Now all is in slow motion

Every day is the same day

Lot of days same clothes

Same uncombed hair

Online ordering eliminated leaving the house

No new news

At this point we could print our own paper

Name calling and blaming

Would headline all the articles

The virus, the virus, the damm virus

Who started it, how many people have died

Turn to your left one answer

Turn to your right a different answer

And for goodness sake

What would we do without Twitter

From the top down, it is paid bull…

So depressing

We are in the pit of despair

As the echoes of our collective anxieties

Reverberate against our sanity

The only solution?

Crawl back into our own minds

And try to remember the truth is within us

FXC 8/09/2020 Copyright frankxcameron.com