Talking to Oneself

So many times talking to oneself

Is understood to mean literally

Talking to oneself

And yet we need not look far

In fact just a glance in the mirror

Will reveal an individual who never really shuts up

Granted most times we are just thinking to ourselves

But it’s is what we are thinking

That would immediately inspire a best selling book

A podcast with a million followers

An Oscar winning movie

Images so questionable

Need I describe them

Fleeting thoughts

That leave us aghast

Reminding us that not only can we not share

The pictures with others, we should not even

Be talking to ourselves about them

Thus banning them to ruminations

Within the privacy of our own mind!


06/28/2020 Copyright

Forbidden Words

Hidden in every lexicon

Lurks words that if used on Twitter

Would be banned

Usually the words would be outlawed

For the pictures they paint with just their letters

A classic is the word, ‘lumpy’

A five letter word which is a picture book

With images of rolls of excess skin hanging

On a body sedentary permanently

Really though ‘lumpy’ is a bit of a misnomer

Lumpy almost adds a poetic touch to what otherwise

Might be referred to as fat

And we would all outlaw that word

So now the search begins for words

That might allude to a meaning

Without really spelling it out!

FXC 6/28/2020


Aren’t they made of the same cloth as we are

Not exactly sure what is missing

Seems like the media needs us in a frenzy

To be obsessed to read or hear the next rendition of ‘truth’

No point in waiting

There is no truth

A million times we prove this to each other

The latest example

‘Attitudes about police’

Would be so sweet if police weren’t needed

No drunk drivers, child abuse, murder, etc. etc.

But we are a million miles away from that

Or a billion years

Every religious organization

Testifies about good and evil

And often delineates exactly what is good and evil

‘The Ten Commandments’ is a prime example

But on a practical basis laws were enacted to keep us under control

That is actually hilarious

If the good Lord, whichever one you believe in, can’t keep us under control

What chance does mere man/woman have

So in all the craziness that we are

Law enforcement officials are required to moderate our behavior

They are after all representing us and actually come from us

Some of us comply others defy

Where are we now?

Where we have been since time began


Postulating that we are capable of moderating our own behavior

Is that true or even possible?

We could ask our own ‘Supreme Being’

While looking in the mirror

FXC 06/14/2020 Copyright

90 is hot

Standing tall on a steaming blacktop driveway

Sun still blazing late afternoon

Pensively studying your house

Questioning whether to enter or not

No life in that house right now

For today is the first day to share your proudest creation, your 4 year old girl

With the woman with whom your story began but now has ended

Joint custody now delineates who is happy and who is not

Quiet now alone in the house

You must contemplate

The depths of emptiness

Searching the walls for comfort

Yet there is no easy way

To lay pain to rest

Till in the game

‘My turn, your turn?

The spinner points to you

I want to hold you

But that actually just delays


There is no parade today

FXC 6/3/2020.