Quaking in my boots

Quaking in my boots

Theoretically no need to worry

Fully qualified for the job and the job interview

Actually over qualified for the job on paper

Experience and education had prepared me for this

But at 73 and retired from the workforce for thirteen years

Questions arose in my own head

Had taken some time off to enjoy grandchildren

But as my children did, the grandchildren are moving on

There have been other options that were discussed with the powers that be

Moving to Florida was dismissed as was moving to a patio home

Yard work would continue, or at least my contribution (cutting the grass)

Handyman would continue to be a budget item due to my zero home repair skills

Church would go on, occasional movie nights also

‘Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy’ would signal bedtime

The New York Times spelling bee would of course determine the brains in the house

Periodically an estate sale or visit to Kohl’s

Of course Kroger reigns as the hot bed for daily steps

So why this job?

An an ECE classroom instructional assistant

Because I can do it, they need help and I’m available

So as I perused the interview committee

Calmness came over me

I was where I wanted to be and where I needed to be

Stayed tuned!

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