Doughnuts explain it all

Sweets by definition are sweet

Desirable, decadent even

Yet over the last twenty years

Many have sought to reduce sugar in foods

Included in this onslaught are fat grams

But this microcosm of public discourse

Defines our political juggernaut

Just as for two hundred years

No one seemed to notice the great divide in American politics

Yet the disparities in political thought mirrors

The varying tastes in doughnuts

This very morning at Plehn’s bakery

An old codger within five years of me give or take

Was getting into his Chevy Equinox

As I was exiting my Toyota Highlander

Noticing his treasure firmly in his grasp

I had to mediation ‘well you’ve done your job’

To which he replied, ‘Grandchildren you know

Ah so true, I said

He added, ‘but they only want specific types,

One plain chocolate pull apart, one sprinkle and one plain’

Yes, mine are the same and you can’t get them to try something different

But they keep us going, I replied

’Well, he concluded, I hope so!’

FXC Copyright 10/22/2022

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