Seemed harmless enough—

Seemed harmless enough

An old friend

A very old friend

Slipped a notice to me of a reunion of retirees from our former employer

Gosh, a rusty smile slowly spread across my face

This could be fun. Hey Julie, what do you think

Would you go with me?

Who would  I know? Your cousin would be there

Anyone else? I dont know

More problematic is who would I even recognize there

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror

So embarrassing to see people you can;t remember but they remember you

Surely, surely everyone would have name tags

How do you know that?

Back to Facebook Messenger to check with Steve

I actually remember Steve, of course it helps his face is on Facebook

Ah, fantastic everyone will have a name tag

Of course there will sill be that awkward moment

When I bury my face in my friends chest to read their named tag

But after that I’ll know their name for ten maybe twenty seconds for sure

The day came, actually it was last night

6-9 PM perfect for the plus 60 crowd

Of course BYOB, Diet Coke was my choice

And there was a DJ

Instrumental hits from the 50 to 80’s, but only one couple danced one dance

My suspicion was arthritis was the culprit

But oh my gosh memories could not recreate reality

My mind was frequently a blank when someone would call my name

I’d go over their name numerous times, staring  at the name tag again and again

Finally an image would appear that had no connection to the reality in front of me

Incredible the mismatch of a 30 to 40 year gap in social get togethers

But nonetheless laughter triumphed, smiles permeated

So, so blessed to share a night with good people

People who strove with you to get a needed job done

‘Oh what a night!’

Copyright 1/22/23 FXC