Five days

Often times when left to my own devices

It is true, relaxation begins

Maybe small explorations

Into projects that

Needed more time

Or even forage for new ideas

But now with five days

To myself

Okay mostly myself

A sense of freedom tingles the imagination

And as usual it begins with morning coffee

Laying out my days schedule

Full of delayed gratification

And though I was left a Honey Do list

Like cutting grass or mopping the floors

There is even the possibility

Of a visit to Home Depot

For flowers for the season

But that thought alone

Freezes me

As then quite clearly

Inner voices speak up

Daffodils or pansies

Annuals or perennials

I’m just dropping that whole idea then

The Honey Do list is laid aside

Going to go on to something else

Maybe I could help with one of the grandkids

That’s pretty funny

Considering I’m like their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice

Next possibility

Look up where the yard sales for next weekend are

That’s always a hot date

Depending on the weather

Or maybe I should

Just write this all down

Acquiesce to my inherited

Role as the number 2 executive

Maybe even just turn the calendar pages

Or at least change the sheets on Day 4

That’s worth two points

FXC 5/13/19


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