Walk out the door

So many times

Had visited the dentist

Never really paid much attention

To the staff at the desk

But one day managed to look up

And notice a delightful vision

Wavy, red hair on a radiant smiling face

Presumed everyone received the same smile

But over time I wandered maybe, just maybe if

That smile was meant for me

No real conversation was ever engaged

Just daydreaming on my part

Wondered how to engineer

A possible word or two with her

Nothing really brilliant came to mind

Knew forever I could really stumble

Trying to start a conversation

But my need to just hear her voice

Overwhelmed me

This appointment I would say something

Maybe “Hi” or something original like that

Passed her on my way to the dental chair

Finally it was time to schedule my next appointment

But at the desk she had disappeared

Embarrassed myself by scanning the whole room

With furrowed brow I asked

“Where did everyone go”

Consolidation of jobs was the response

My rising idiotic passion was deflated

As I realized

She had just walked out the door

FXC 5/27/19


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