That time of the year

Grocery trip

Sunny morning

Warm breezes hinted


Walking towards the entrance

Ribs were being grilled

Aromas wafted

Two guys cooking, chatting, laughing

Couldn’t have been more than 100 feet away

Suddenly attention shifted

Off to my left, their right

As if a spotlight

Heralded her entrance

A moment of beauty

Okay, an eternity of beauty

Tattoo on left forearm

White blouse, ocean blue shorts

Hair to her shoulders

As she approached the cooking

Smiled broadly and said

‘Good Morning guys, how are you this morning?’

No words from any of us

We had been spoken to

Couldn’t have wished for anymore

The hint of perfection had spoken

Heads now tuned

To follow her entrance into the store

Smiles all around

But the truth be told

Gratitude Is in our hearts

Thank you for being

All of you

Yes, I’m talking about

All of you!

FXC 5/8/19


No Safety Net

Went to a Derby Eve party last night

Didn’t start till 8

Don’t drink

So the horderves

Were critical

Didn’t disappoint

Shrimp in deviled eggs?

Don’t know about that

Bruschetta is my favorite

Brought a friend along

Who nails that every time

Then the evenings’ success

Hinges on gingerly

Locating a palatable conversation

From among the endless guest list

Of friends some yet to be met

Others familiar with

Others you wish you could remember their name

Avoid those if possible

As has been done for years

At this same annual party

But the main attraction

Occurs randomly

A woman, it has to be a woman

Never really saw a man do this

Unless drinking or a salesman

Only a woman with the innate

Need to belong

Circles, scanning

Looking for a friend

A group of friends

In which to enmesh

Herself in conversation

May get lucky

And happen upon a friend

Or friends already known

But as might happen

Will need to search for a group

Starts on the edge of the group

Leans in to listen

Smiles and nods appropriately

Will agree with a comment or two

When she has been granted acceptance

Will join the group with her own thoughts

Now nodding and smiling is returned

This is as good as it gets

They are now bonded

How do they do that?

Men see a precipice

From which all their social acceptance

Would plunge into oblivion

Why even attempt to engage

With someone you might not know nor remember

And even more might not see for another year

Men see no safety net

Just stand to the side

On the outside of the group

Play with your food plate

Or fumble with your drink

Need to get really good at nodding

Don’t look at the your watch

And remember

See if there is someone

Anyone to provide

A safety net

FXC 5/4/19


Am I Related To You?

Well, here we are again

The renewal date for

My ancestry searching program

Oh and it seems like so much

And in a way it is

Takes time

Doesn’t seem to be really getting anywhere

Seems like my relatives

Don’t care as much as I do

Some of whom I question

If I am actually related to

Which brings up a good point

Do I really want to know

Who my flesh and blood are?

There are so many criteria

To be used if you are making

Your own relative database

Tall, medium build, head of hair

Humorous, intelligent

Same religious beliefs,

Same political beliefs,

Someone like me

But the roll of the dice

Robs you of that surety

Go to church, political convention

Neighborhood gathering

Or worse yet start researching

Your ancestry

Some individuals are

Pillars of the community

Others tear down those pillars

And nowhere can you really discover

Family secrets unless revealed

At a family reunion

But then the reunion ends

Traveling home a discussion ensues

Did you know about ____?

Now images dance in your head

What else don’t you know

About even your close relatives


Political elections ensure

Shock and dismay

At how different beliefs are

Even with your closest relatives

But maybe even more so

With your close friends

There is a widening circle

Of protection

That needs to be a perimeter

Around you

Less unwanted traits

Appear, leaked from family or friends

Who might be family

And finally


You have to ask

Am I Related To You?

FXC 5/2/19