Hip Flexor

Tell me you are 25

And know what a hip flexor is

That would reveal that you

Are a medical student

That was about the age

Of the medical professional

Treating me for hip flexor issues

Didn’t even know I had hip flexors

Or what they were for

Until twenty years without riding a bike

Decided to get back on my Fuji Touring bike

A model of efficiency and beauty

Standing next to the bike in shorts stretched full

Gave the order to my right leg to lift over the bar

Nothing moved

As if the signal was never sent

The connection lost

That is impossible

Finally was reduced to laying the bike down

To straddle and pull the bike up

Well now the confidence was gone

If the leg would not rise over the bike

Doubts arose as to the legs pumping the bike

Scanning the area behind the garage

To make sure no one had seen this lunacy

Laid the bike down again to get off

Very unceremoniously

Back in the garage with the bike

Now the search to discover

The possible ailment

Had one trusted discretionary source

My second daughter

A vegetarian and certified health nut

Needless to say I had my diagnosis

And enough yoga poses to last a lifetime

Am I back on the bike yet

Not quite but I have hope

As my condition confirmed by my

25 year old medical professional

Oh yeah

Your hip flexor

Runs from your lower back

To your femur

Something like that

FXC 5/18/19


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