Getting to the truth!

Started out simple enough

Curious about anything and everything

Didn’t seem to have time before

Yet now trying to take a break

From my working even in retirement

Not kidding

Yard work, housework, grandchildren, travel, cooking

Yes, I said cooking

After 50 years the job has pretty much been handed over to me

Back to taking a break

Just wanted to sit and scroll on my beloved iPad

Review Facebook,

Found out all about my relatives and friends that

I will never be able to visit

Be educated about current events

Brutally found out that what I considered

‘Near and dear’ was not the same for everyone

Discovered 50% of the people in myworld

Were not actually in the world I thought I was in

Difficult accepting that

Needed to sort through all the news sources

Deleting some adding some

Unable to assemble current information

Suitable for my interests

Like most I’m sure

Concluded that was impossible

Reduced ‘screen time’

Still dealing with the new realities

Greatest shock is that

This divergence in my world

Is actually not new

That the fight to establish

Perceived truth

Is eternal

Welcome to the new real world!

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