Names changed memory has not

Though the upstairs is cluttered

The basement is a repository of a

50 year time capsule

Comparable to the catacombs

From largely uncategorized cartons of pictures

Sealed bags of clothes and shoes

Unintended vestiges

Of a grand ‘hand me down’ program

Volunteered to slowly, very slowly

Reclassify the intended recipients of family belongings and history

Mostly served as a ‘go for’

A roll I was born to

A documentary of our lives ensued

“These were Carol’s’ shoes

Would love to have remembered Carol in those shoes

Different pants and dresses

Belonging to different children and grandchildren

Going through seemingly endless collections of ‘hand me downs’

My teacher painting our history

Making a verbal movie

So much wished

I could see the original again

But it is not there

Had wanted to clear the clutter

But now I understand

I need to keep it close

Don’t really understand

Why or where

Please rewind and play it again

FXC 10/7/19


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