Batting Practice

Batting practice

Every day seems to be a rehearsal of sorts

For the next game

Which is ‘Today’s game of life”?

The night before the dishes are done

Coffee is ready to turn on

No items on floor to trip over

If need be alarms are set

A short list of ‘To Do’ lays by the wallet and keys

A reminder of sorts that

To be a living viable member of life

A plan for that existence must exist

A purpose if you will

Whining about not moving to Florida

Or to a patio home

Only begs the question

But what will I do

Reading the paper has really became passé

Facebook only has so many friends

Eventually the coffee pot is drained

Then what?

First pitch whizzes by

Strike one

Still haven’t gone to the grocery

Got it

Next pitch is on the way

Knees are slightly bent

Yes, yes the French lesson has been learned

Ball 1

The memory

Starts to come back

The next ball will probably be a curve

Asking her to dinner

Oh yeah, Ball 2

Sweat in 90 degree sun flows

When will I ever get on base

Good Luck with that

Base running is a whole other game

Strike 2


Keep your head in the game

This crazy game of life

FXC 10/3/2019


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