No Safety Net

Went to a Derby Eve party last night

Didn’t start till 8

Don’t drink

So the horderves

Were critical

Didn’t disappoint

Shrimp in deviled eggs?

Don’t know about that

Bruschetta is my favorite

Brought a friend along

Who nails that every time

Then the evenings’ success

Hinges on gingerly

Locating a palatable conversation

From among the endless guest list

Of friends some yet to be met

Others familiar with

Others you wish you could remember their name

Avoid those if possible

As has been done for years

At this same annual party

But the main attraction

Occurs randomly

A woman, it has to be a woman

Never really saw a man do this

Unless drinking or a salesman

Only a woman with the innate

Need to belong

Circles, scanning

Looking for a friend

A group of friends

In which to enmesh

Herself in conversation

May get lucky

And happen upon a friend

Or friends already known

But as might happen

Will need to search for a group

Starts on the edge of the group

Leans in to listen

Smiles and nods appropriately

Will agree with a comment or two

When she has been granted acceptance

Will join the group with her own thoughts

Now nodding and smiling is returned

This is as good as it gets

They are now bonded

How do they do that?

Men see a precipice

From which all their social acceptance

Would plunge into oblivion

Why even attempt to engage

With someone you might not know nor remember

And even more might not see for another year

Men see no safety net

Just stand to the side

On the outside of the group

Play with your food plate

Or fumble with your drink

Need to get really good at nodding

Don’t look at the your watch

And remember

See if there is someone

Anyone to provide

A safety net

FXC 5/4/19


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