Hmmm, Hmm slowly, very slowly examining
The different rooms
In my house
For their content and organization
There seems to be a priority
To the organization
Certainly in some of the rooms
Towels in a closet
Lots and lots of towels
Some for beaches, some for baths
Various, many various colors
Stacked high with out regard to their safety
Occasionally toppling on to the floor
Near a door that now will not close
Mental note
Rip every towel out of that closet
And out the door
But hey, hey what makes you think
This is an opportunity
For you to ‘clean house’
Now, hmm, hmm
The Lady of the house
In a moment of poor judgement
Or not understanding
That she has put her
In harms way
Has gone to visit her Mother
It is really just too much for me
Temptations come and go all the time
But not the type that you walk by
Now though discretion is mandated
Reorganization incognito!

FXC 4/13/17

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