Did I ever really know you?

There you go down the hall on your knees
Following baby face’
Today it is ‘baby face’
Yesterday it was ‘little girl’
Long time ago it was ‘big boy’
You might need the other knee
Replaced at the rate you are going
You have never really been
Able to sit down
Reflect, meditate
Seemingly watching a good TV show
Or sewing or working in the garden
Provide your solace
While teaching you were gone 9-4
So limiting
Now your mind searches for the next
Creative endeavor
Holding a baby,
Sewing for a baby,
Introducing baby to their new world
But all of this at a price
3 PM finally arrives
Baby goes home
Grandma sitting, staring
Hair mussed, eyes glazed
Her life poured
Shared with the
New Life
Truly so giving

FXC 4/29/17

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