There is no Truth

What do you mean
I’m lying
I’m telling you the truth!
What? Just because I say it doesn’t make it
The Truth
You think there are two truths about the same thing
Is that even possible?
I wouldn’t lie.
Mom said never tell a lie
A world with two truths
Would be a parallel universe
So what?
One of the truths are ‘alternate facts?
Truths can be perceived
Differently by a different set of eyes
Or ears
I’m afraid this dichotomy
You refer to
Will not work
If there is no agreed upon truth
We become aliens to each other
So sad that our world
Might well be a hologram
But the TRUTH be told
You are part of the Dark Side
As truth, Universal Truth
Is anathema to the Dark Side.

FXC 4/29/17

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