You’re Okay

Time flies

We all know that

Till the pandemic

Now all is in slow motion

Every day is the same day

Lot of days same clothes

Same uncombed hair

Online ordering eliminated leaving the house

No new news

At this point we could print our own paper

Name calling and blaming

Would headline all the articles

The virus, the virus, the damm virus

Who started it, how many people have died

Turn to your left one answer

Turn to your right a different answer

And for goodness sake

What would we do without Twitter

From the top down, it is paid bull…

So depressing

We are in the pit of despair

As the echoes of our collective anxieties

Reverberate against our sanity

The only solution?

Crawl back into our own minds

And try to remember the truth is within us

FXC 8/09/2020 Copyright

1 thought on “You’re Okay

  1. Complicated living, it is.
    But living it is!
    There is something safe and good to do,
    find it.
    Until a sign of peace, when I see you next,
    be at peace.

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