Aren’t they made of the same cloth as we are

Not exactly sure what is missing

Seems like the media needs us in a frenzy

To be obsessed to read or hear the next rendition of ‘truth’

No point in waiting

There is no truth

A million times we prove this to each other

The latest example

‘Attitudes about police’

Would be so sweet if police weren’t needed

No drunk drivers, child abuse, murder, etc. etc.

But we are a million miles away from that

Or a billion years

Every religious organization

Testifies about good and evil

And often delineates exactly what is good and evil

‘The Ten Commandments’ is a prime example

But on a practical basis laws were enacted to keep us under control

That is actually hilarious

If the good Lord, whichever one you believe in, can’t keep us under control

What chance does mere man/woman have

So in all the craziness that we are

Law enforcement officials are required to moderate our behavior

They are after all representing us and actually come from us

Some of us comply others defy

Where are we now?

Where we have been since time began


Postulating that we are capable of moderating our own behavior

Is that true or even possible?

We could ask our own ‘Supreme Being’

While looking in the mirror

FXC 06/14/2020 Copyright

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