My name is not Webster

A close confidant divulged

That new words are being added

To the Webster dictionary every year

How exciting!

Seemingly the culture is changing

God forbid a lexicon would not be updated

Truly a serendipity moment

As objects I once knew as ‘whatchamacallit’

Now would have a specific name

Each of us has our own personal vision

Of what a ‘thing’ is

Periodically that vision is not able to be vocalized

As the picture of that object in our mind

Like a card in a deck of cards

Gets lost like in a ‘52 pick up game’

The eyes search inward as a roulette wheel

Tries to spit out possibilities

No point, eyes with fixed glaze

Join hands with the mind

Announcing a new name for the irascible object


FXC 3/3/2021 Copyright