Was contacted by a family member

About our relationship

Fortunately was on good terms with this individual

But got me to wondering about those behind me and to the side

Started the search the usual way parents, grandparents

Became fascinated with the pictures

Couldn’t see  myself in any of those tin type looking pictures

Occasionally my mind would wonder

Mentally trying to picture their environment

Always sympathetic to those without indoor plumbing

But I digress

And though I wish there were biographies of my ancestors

All that really exists is conjecture

Came to understand there was strong possibility we are all related

Bad news there

I have not always treated others right

Glad I don’t have to many followers on this blog

Or I would be hearing from them

Even blocked a friend of forty years on Facebook book for his political views

Good Lord help me

Redemption is possible though

Started Zooming with outlying family members

Who I had neglected for years

So, so grateful for a second chance

To once again be called their brother!

FXC 3/6/2021 Copyright