Heard rumors

In hushed conversations

Heard rumors

Questions about your memory

Medicines and therapies adopted

To slow the process down

You and I talked

Actually more than we had in years

Talked about memories

Our memories, family memories

Honestly my memory has also lost its zest

Have had other close friends awash in this vacuum

That seemingly erodes

‘How precious memory is’ you repeat to me

Asking me to send pictures, stories I remember

That might light the embers of what is receding relentlessly

This void I’ve seen in others

The bewilderment in their eyes

As if their very existence is being erased

We cling to each other now

Still so calm you are

As always you have been

Starting my search for old pictures of us

To retell our story that we might talk again

When you see my name on

Caller id

FXC frankxcameron.com 2/28/2020 Copyright