Barbie’s Barn

Hear tell mostly from girls even women

Of the joys, fun, pure delight

Playing with dolls growing up

Sexist though it may be, I understand

Not exactly sure why one would play with inanimate objects

But I suppose boys dressing up as cowboys seems the same

Thought ‘Barbie’ had retired

Seemed my offspring dabbled but then abandoned

Dolls particularly ‘Barbie’

But then she was resurrected by the pandemic

So much time to use

Even iPads and game consoles did not

Satisfy the urge for pseudo interaction

And with two day or even next day delivery guarantees

Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc., etc., could deliver

Copious amounts of dolls, clothes, houses, furniture

Filling up rooms, whole rooms

Yet, this is America lest we forget

The America with horses

‘Barbie’ needed a horse

The horse needed a barn

‘Barbie’s World was now festooned with gates, farm animals

And ‘Barbie’s Barn’

FXC Copyright 11/29/20

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  1. Very nice Frank

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