Getting tired

Wax and wane

Such an apt description of life

But never more so

Than in one’s latter years

Wait a minute?

Later years has a definite number

But that begs the first introspective question

Seemingly there is no rhyme or reason

To longevity

Known those who smoked until 81 before leaving

Others’ lives shortened in vehicle accidents

You read the same headlines

So how does one sense they are in their later years

A few indicators

You are now the eldest in a large extended family

Doctors visits now occur as frequently as a spring rain

Close friends slip away unexpectedly

Difficulty facing the mirror each morning

Even more resistance to accept the image

Grandchildren run circles around you

But now you cheer rather than chase

Alas there comes that quiet reflective moment

That moment your body sets you down

To rest and think

Forever is not really forever

And that’s okay

Love you

Frank X Cameron 11/24/2020 Copyright

3 thoughts on “Getting tired

  1. I read a book not long ago, Immorality,  it was named.  Deep dive into five efforts of humans to possibly participate in this phenomenon you identify from a bit different perspective.  My take, after reading it, was while it may be a fool’s objective, there is much to be said of the variables that dictate otherwise. You and I rest with the human reality as it befalls us each moment of waking.  Be grateful for the image in the mirror, be even more grateful for the faces you encounter, notice the range of time alloted to these folks and you, and rest assured the we can be cautiously sure that a higher power is a part of it all and we are still part of that plan….one of those millions still reflecting mortality…as the very face of immortality. Live on….love being here with you and you face….what over 60 years now we have faced each other.  For the record, I really like what I see!Sent from my Galaxy

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