Need another app?

When this stay at home period began

There seemed to be an element of surprise lurking

Fear became exponential as the unknown stalked

Change of routine was mandatory

New safety precautions instituted

Yet pockets of blessings resided in the corners

Of our new sequestered lives

Time seemed to be the new creation

One in which we could learn languages, games,

Renovate our house, explore, ‘Zoom’ etc.

Develop culinary skills,

Even reinvent our bodies

Exercise equipment to augment our muscles

Was a prerequisite

Forget raking leaves as a muscle builder

Sitting high on a recumbent bike

Or striding confidently on a treadmill

Would produce a well tuned ‘fighting machine’

And the smart apps that would lead us were limitless

Tried a number of them

Found one that was almost

A guarantee to turn the biological clock around

Religiously chased this dream three times a week,

Five times a week then seven

When on the dash of my bike the app flashed

‘You can achieve more health benefits if you ramp up you exercise to 300 minutes a week’

300 minutes a week?

The current pace tempted an early eternal entrance

Maybe this was a ‘transition’ app

Not to be opened before Christmas

Should probably leave well enough alone

And fix dinner

FXC Copyright 11/30/20

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